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Dr. Keesha Benson Stands For..

Dr. Benson’s Priorities

Vision for Pinellas County Schools

Dr. Benson is a firm believer that an educated workforce and engaged community are keys to a brighter future for Pinellas County.  A 10-year educator and social worker for 20 years, Dr. Benson is ready to lead and implement common-sense solutions on day one.

Fighting for Public Education

Public education is the basis for the social mobility and generational advancement needed for the future of Pinellas County. This is why Dr. Benson advocates for quality, safe, and equitable schools where funding and resources are used fully, transparently, and diligently.

Supporting ALL Students and Families

On the school board, Dr. Benson will work in partnership with Pinellas students and families to meet every need and to ensure the best education for each student. She is an advocate for inclusive, transparent policies and practices for all youth regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical/learning abilities

Advocating for Teachers and School Personnel

As a member of a university faculty union and the founder of Family Friendly Pinellas, Dr. Benson is an avid supporter of administrators, teachers, and school personnel. When elected to the school board, she plans to advocate for investing in school personnel, from recruitment to retainment, professional development, physical and mental health resources, and working to ensure a living wage.

Promoting Health and Safety in Schools

School safety includes different areas: public health, gun safety, environmental health, and mental health. From the disease mitigation standpoint: data dashboards, clear safety plans, and consistent communication. As it relates to active shooters: continued annual safety assessments, increased mental health services and age-appropriate, culturally relevant, trauma informed training. Environmental justice: education and advocacy for communities experiencing negative disparate environmental concerns. Vulnerable youth, staff, and families: inclusive and transparent policies and access to resources.

Maximizing Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Benson’s vision for providing a quality public education revolves around involving the full community, because without community voice and buy-in, the work to better Pinellas County will not continue. Collaborative partnership with school stakeholders, community and system leaders, and elected officials across Pinellas can ensure a quality, equitable, and safe public education system for all.

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